Poem: Never Mind the Doctors

1. She was born into loving arms, parents who raised her as their own
2. She was eighteen months old and the world was against her. She was labeled a nothing but heard a unique drum. She rolled over and laid in her mother’s arms.
3. She enjoyed the freedom her four wheels gave her, as her four-legged companion, Daisy, led the way.
4. She loved the story-telling trees as they hid her from the sun. Sand castles and pools were built in her world.
5. She saw the country by plane, an expensive habit from her father and mother. Anytime off was spent in the skies. She and her brother chuckled at those anxious passengers too fearful for their own good. To them, there was peace in the skies, neutral ground there.
6. She watched her family fall apart and got caught in the middle. She witnessed two families form and became a part of both.
7. She went to school, graduated in the top ten percent amazingly for a suppose-to-be-a-couch-potato. She proved those doctors wrong.
8. They called her “crash” as she rolled the go-kart/tricycle/electric wheelchair/etc. Speed was her addiction as she made her own track in the backyard.
9. She loved her grandpa’s and grandma’s canned peaches. She loved sitting there watching them race about the kitchen, shouting orders, and sharing compassion.
10. She sat waiting for her prince charming. She finally gave up — ten years from now — always wanted that family in her dreams. If he comes to call, I am instructed to tell him to look in the skies.
11. She created her world on the canvas before her as paint flew. There she was, a girl without pain. She could run there and smell the redness of a rose.
12. She ducked her brother and his friends. They ducked her. They were a family, even now. They keep in touch and continue the sibling torment.
13. She moved into her own home and got her degree, despite the doctors, and laughed. She just wants to be the person who went somewhere, somewhere unexpected. That is her mission, never mind the doctors.


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