Who am I?

Let me to take a moment to introduce myself. As I say on my “about page,” I am a crazy girl in an electric wheelchair. I strive to be optimistic about life and individuals, though my past has taught me to be a little more cautious than before. Maybe it has something to do with turning thirty six months ago or getting a divorce a year ago, but I question the intentions of people and events more. At the end of the day, I put  my trust in the Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, because he has never left my side.

I travel to visit friends and family as much as possible. I will share stories of my adventures. I meet some interesting individuals on airplanes and in restaurants. You will get sick of me complaining about people who I do not know randomly touching or petting (as if I am a dog) me.  I do not understand why people cannot respect my personal space. I mean I love hugs but not from complete stranglers. I just want to be clear.

I love mocking the failures of public spaces – the lack of accessibility, of common sense in design (especially bathrooms – blog post coming soon), and of space. I also love poking fun at individuals who upon meeting me think I am intellectually challenged based on my  body moments and my speech. I just have minor brain damage, which causes Cerebral Palsy and effect my muscle control and my speech – not my ability to think unfortunately. Most days I try to educate people about  my disability, though some days I enjoy playing the “dumb” card just to get people to leave me alone, especially when I am tired. I enjoy educating people about disabilities and what I can do, but sometimes being an educator 24/7 is exhausting. Hence, the “dumb card” comes in handy.

I try my best to stay optimistic and positive in life. If I begin to whine a lot, it probably means I need to take a long bike ride, preferably outside. There is nothing better than exercising and being outside to relief stress. I also paint in my spare time.

Well, that is me in a nut shell.


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