The Excitement is Building

Today I got my hair highlighted and cut in preparation for my upcoming trip. I feel like I am a teenage counting down to Homecoming, and in some ways it is a homecoming. In nine days, I am flying back to where I grew up in the Midwest to friends and family whom I have not seen in a year or more.  I am lucky enough to have a friend, Rachel, who is willing to drive me all over the Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

New Highlights for Trip

Two friends I am visiting I have not seen in over a decade. I am so excited to see  these individuals who mean so much to me.  It will be fun to recall memories about growing up in Wisconsin and to see how my friends have changed over the last ten years. Of course, I am apprehensive of what they will think of me and worried I am too excited. I have changed so much since I last saw them. Will they appreciate my sarcasm? Am I still pretty? Will we still agree on the same ideals of society? What about faith? Yes, these questions seem dumb and useless, though when you have not seen someone in a decade you cannot help but  wonder what they will think of you – yet deep down you know they will love you for who you have become.

THEN I get to witness two of my friends from Luther Seminary get married. I am excited to see my colleagues and friends who are spread throughout the United States. This will be my third time this year seeing my Luther Seminary family. My pastor during college said my seminary would be the friends I would called family and call upon the most. Although I am still pretty close to my college friends – especially my CP sisters, it is my seminary family who appreciates and feeds off of  the parts of me that no one else truly understands, like my career path or Biblical sarcasm. I just pray my friends from Luther Seminary do not shock Rachel too much – not that it is really possible. Let the cafe conversations resume.

Of course, I have a ton to do before I leave: redesign God the Healer‘s website, finish my friend’s weddings gift, write a few devotions, decide on Twitter hashtag and mascot for trip, dinner party, pack, and a few other things. Never a dull moment!

Be sure to come back in the next few weeks to hear all about my crazy adventures with Rachel in the Midwest.


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