Peace Before the Storm


2013-05-27 14.35.03

Lily, Rosco, and Kaylee

The next few days will be a tat stressful – the topical storm that has been brewing for months is coming, but right now I am at peace. There is not much I would change about my life. I got my health  – both physical and psychosocial, though the topical storm whips at my sense of worth and safety.  I have three pups who keep me from going completely insane, make me smile and giggle at the end of each day, and stay close at night, although they think they owe the furniture and bed. I got friends  who love me for who I am and will love me no matter what. My parents – all four – support me and will see me through the next few days.

All I have do is remember all I have to be thankful for as the topical storm hits me with its threatening winds. The storm will  threaten everything I have and want in life. It will throw insults and threatening remarks, but it will not rock my boat.

And when the topical storm losses its strength, I will be at peace. I will have my friends, family, pups, and health.

So hit me with your strongest winds. I am really for you, topical storm. Just be ready to leave for good when it is all over.


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