Blending Abilities

Poem by Erin M Diericx

January 28, 2012

A young woman with a dream that feet and wheels will someday occupy the same sidewalk with little distance in between. That one day people will call upon her to speak on different ability issues, on how one is healed by God the Father, and on inspirations of this life.

A young woman throwing color on canvases that beg to tell her story when words fail her. A story escapes her as yellows, reds, and blues blend together to make oranges, purples, and greens.

A young woman who sits on her Father’s lap releasing her day’s worries and blessings as she falls asleep. One day she will meet Him in all His glory and praise Him with all the angels.

A young woman loves life with her three precious four-legged children to share her life with on earth. They are her world.

A young woman blends abilities to meet life’s daily challenges in hopes of making others see new abilities as new ways of life. There is never just one way of doing things.


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