The Daily E’s Adventures: the Randomness that is My Life

I found this journal entry from June 2012 and thought it was entertaining. 

It is time to discuss the random acts of weirdness that comes by me while shopping Walmart. On the way there, Bob, the favorite bus driver, had a brunch of blankets on board, but we all love him and he’s donating them to the animal shuttler and not sleeping on his bus – no need to worry: his wife did not kick him out of the house after his first storage bid auction. Then the next passenger sat in back to talk about cats & dogs. She reminded me of my Creative Writing professor from UW-Whitewater.

But the weirdest act was when I asked the McDonalds worker to refill my soda cup, which he did, but when he brought he clearly set it down on the opposite of the table where I could not reach it and takes my tray. I was laughing and kept thinking he was gonna come back to move the cup back to where I could reach it. Nope, he went into the back. A lady (also giggling to herself) 2 tables over and put the cup by me and said, “That was entirely unhelpful.” (giggles) I can totally see Ryan, my lovely brother, do something like this to me, but he is my brother. (giggles)

And there you have The Daily E’s Adventures: the Randomness that is My Life. You may now return to you usual Twitter and Facebook updates.


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