Happy 2014!

Peace be with you, Friends and Family!

2013 was a great year. I traveled to Utah, St Thomas and St Martin, St Paul / Minneapolis, Baltimore, and throughout the mid-west (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa). I got to reconnect with many friends throughout the year. The highlight of my year was reconnecting with my childhood friend and sweetheart, Nathan. I found his mom, Jane, on Facebook in January and got to visit them in October. His parents got him an iPad for Christmas, so we can FaceTime since Nathan talks with his eyes and smiles. It is such a blessing to have Nathan back in my life.

2013-11-07 14.30.38

2013-09-16 21.33.19

In 2013, I made some great professional achievements for 
God the Healer andas a New Testament scholar. I designed a new logo and redesigned the website. I am really proud of my logo, because it incorporates the circle for wholeness and  the Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

I also did a painting to use in all of my PR for God the Healer. When I went to SBL/AAR, people enjoyed getting pens over just getting a business card, plus the pen they can actually use and be reminded of my website more often. I enjoyed using my BA in Marketing, which many people forget I have until I go all number happy on them.

2013-12-30 19.11.12

The biggest news of 2013 happened just a few days ago. I got a letter from The Edwin Mellen Press has agreed to publish five hundred copies of my MA thesis on John 9: the Healing of the Blind Man to be sold to universities libraries. It is a small step in the scholarly world and is no money maker, but nevertheless it is progress!

2014 holds so much promises. First, I am looking forward to seeing where my relationship with Nathan goes. Yes, we are dating. I am truly blessed with an amazing, loving soul mate who gets ME and just laughs at my anecdotes while reassuring me it will all be okay. Second, my MA Thesis will be published and sold to libraries.

I do not have any specific new years resolutions like in past years. I plan on continuing to work on God the Healer by writing weekly devotions. I also have four wedding to attend this year, which means I have four portraits to do. I am looking forward to painting this year. I also plan to travel and bike as much as possible.

Cheers to the unfolding of 2014!

2013-12-30 19.13.02

Many blessings,



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