Photo Credit: Amber Sue Photography http://ambersuephotography.com

My name is Erin M Diericx, though many people call me E. I am the crazy girl in the electric wheelchair who has been known to drive into giant flower pots.  I have Cerebral Palsy, which effects my muscle tone and speech. Many people’s first impressions (at first glance) think I am intellectually challenged since my movements are spastic and my speech is difficult to understand. However, when people listens slowly and carefully, they find out I am a fine young woman who goes about her day just like anyone else.

I have my BA in Marketing from UW-Whitewater and my MA in New Testament from Luther Seminary. I write weekly devotions at www.God-the-Healer.com centered around the three dimensions of healing: physical, psychosocial, and spiritual. I enjoy helping individuals recognize how God is healing them in their everyday lives.

So why another blog? This blog will be centered around my adventures and struggles as I continue to press forward into the unknown. I will discuss about how society perceives the disabled culture and how we continue to fight for equality and accessibility. I will share my faith, my artwork, and my unique insights with you. I will struggle with everyday life challenges and celebrate the joys in life. I will poke fun of my everyday mistakes and the crazy situations I find myself in. My goal is to laugh more than anything, even things are a little hectic. I pray this blog becomes a hub for discussions and laughter.

Join me in this crazy roller coaster ride called life. Feel free to leave comments on blog posts to add the conversation.


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